David Shiffman

Welcome to David Shiffman’s online CV


Hello, and welcome to my online CV! I am a Liber Ero Postdoctoral Research Fellow based at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC (starting May 1).  My research interests include the feeding behavior and ecology of sharks with a focus on stable isotope analysis, as well as shark fisheries management and conservation policy. My research project will focus on assessing the sustainability of cCanadian shark fisheries.

Working to restrain a lemon shark in the Everglades prior to measurement and sampling

I am also an experienced science communicator. If you’re a teacher, I’m always happy to speak to your class or organization about shark science and conservation. If you’re a journalist, I’m always happy to answer questions for your story. Feel free to contact me with any questions at WhySharksMatter@gmail.com, on my Facebook fan page, or on twitter @WhySharksMatter.