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I am available to answer any questions that members of the press have about sharks, marine biology, or ocean conservation! Please e-mail me at WhySharksMatter@gmail.com.

Preferred title and affiliation : “A Liber Ero Postdoctoral Fellow studying shark conservation and sustainable fisheries at Simon Fraser University”

Acceptable alternative title and affiliation: “A marine biologist studying sharks at Simon Fraser University”



Miami New Times: Discovery Channel Shark Week’s Biggest Critic is a University of Miami Shark Scientist 

Grist: Leave the shark wrangling to the pros

Jewish Chronicle of Pittsburgh: Former Pittsburgher sinks his teeth into Discovery’s Shark Week 

Scuttlefish: David and Goliath – One Man’s Quest to End Myth Mongering at the Discovery Channel

College of Charleston Magazine: The Man, the Myth, the Shark

Duke Today: David Shiffman is on a mission to change your mind about sharks

Duke Magazine: Alum David Shiffman swims with the Sharks (Video here)

College of Charleston magazine: College shark researcher recommends SharkNado over Shark Week

Tampa Bay Times: Shark Week’s biggest critic is sharpening his twitter harpoon

Pacific Standard: A shark scientist bites back 

io9: 8 antidotes to Shark Week 

WIRED: How to explore the ocean’s depths without leaving your desk

Selected Interviews:

NPR: Shark fin trade faces troubled waters as global pressure mounts 

New Scientist: Banning shark fin soup in the US is bad for shark conservation. 

Associated Press: Shark fin bans might not help sharks, scientists say 

Earth Touch News: A US ban on shark fins is a bad idea, researchers say 

Saving Seafood: Shark fin ban is misguided, would undermine sustainable fisheries, researchers say. 

NRDC OnEarth: It can’t be legal to drag or shoot a shark, can it? 

Nature: Angler’s online boasts reveal illegal shark hunting

Miami Herald: Shark-dragging video reflects the rise of Florida’s “jackass” anglers. 

National Geographic: Shark-Fishing Forum Reveals Destructive Practices Despite Good Intentions

Revelator: Florida Anglers are Targeting Endangered Sharks

Hakai Magazine: For sharks, even catch and release can kill

Scientific American: Harvesting sharks could be the key to saving them

Conservation magazine: does banning all shark fishing do more harm than good? 

TakePart: Shark scientists agree: shark fishing is ok (sometimes).

Hakai magazine: nine out of ten shark scientists agree: sustainable shark fishing is fine

Discover Magazine: scientists exonerate cownose rays after nine years

Nature Jobs: Networking-Hello, Stranger 

Washington Post: Curbing the shark fin trade is laudable, but it’s not enough to save the species 

Washington Post: Scientists commiserate over the worst animal names 

Mother Nature Network: 21 of the best #StupidCommonNames for wildlife

Daily Dot: Biologists join hilarious Twitter rant about nonsensical common animal names

CNET: Twitter hashtag of the week: Biologists snort at stupid animal names

Nature: If at first you don’t succeed, tweet it. Tales of scientific blunders and some unusual species names dominated social media this week.

The New Tropic: University of Miami scientist dispels myths about sharks 

National Public Radio’s All Things Considered: After Sketchy Science, Shark Week Promises To Turn Over A New Fin

Washington Post: Will Discovery Channel’s Shark Week continue to swim in strange waters? 

Esquire Magazine: Eli Roth wants to change the way you see sharks

Washingtonian: The reasons why scientists get angry at Shark Week 

Newsweek: You’re 100% wrong about Shark Week

On Earth Magazine: There are other sharks in the sea

Washingtonian: The Ridiculous, Bloody, Scientifically Questionable History of Shark Week

Boston Magazine: It’s time for Shark Week to redeem itself

Naples Daily News: Shark Week returns to give new perspectives

Discovery News: What are experts saying about North Carolina shark bites? 

Earth Touch: Endangered Hammerhead with 34 pups caught in Florida 

Motherboard: A town wants to kill sharks after shark attacks. Here’s why it won’t work.

CBS News: How to survive if you encounter a shark 

Washington Post: North Carolina monitors the beachfront after a surprising jump in shark attacks

Miami Herald: Miami Underwater Festival at Frost Museum of Science makes a splash 

Discover Magazine: Hey everyone: stop responding to shark bites by killing sharks

Philadelphia Magazine: Dolphin, half eaten by shark: why you shouldn’t be concerned

Discovery News: Is it fair to call them “shark attacks?” 

Gizmodo: Top predators may be the most important animals on Earth 

Popular Science: Do sharks make good dancers?

Washington Post: The rock star female scientist who put shark research on the map 

ScienceInsider: Scientists want end to traditional trophy fishing for threatened species

Fish Sense magazine: Record keeping for trophy fish is bad for threatened species

Fusion: The complicated relationship between shark conservationists and Shark Week

Vox: Shark Week debunked

National Public Radio’s “On the Media”: Tweeting Shark Week 

International Digital Times: Discovery Channel redeems itself with awesome, factual alien sharks documentary 

Discover Magazine: Expert amateurs: local dive guides report sharks for citizen science. 

Business Insider: A rare megamouth shark captured off Japan is only the 58th ever seen. 

Miami Herald:Hammerhead shark caught from pier raises debate over ethical catches

South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Videos of shark catches popular, but is act legal?

Miami New Times: Record-Breaking Hammerhead Catches Deadly, Possibly Illegal, Says Marine Biologist

BBC (radio): Rare pink goblin shark caught by fisherman 

Houston Chronicle: Scientists amazed by accidental Gulf catch of second-ever goblin shark

International Business Times: Goblin shark facts as second ever specimen found in Gulf of Mexico 

The Independent: Gruesome giant goblin shark caught off coast of Florida 

Nature: Social media for science outreach 

Yahoo News: Sharks do get cancer: tumor found in great white. 

PBS NOVA: Why you won’t be attacked by a shark

National Geographic News: The real megalodon: prehistoric shark behind doc uproar 

Live Science: Weird facts you didn’t know about sharks

Smithsonian SmartNews: How to survive the shark attack that is never going to happen to you 

Wired: It’s time for Shark Week to get bigger- and less bloodthirsty 

Boston Magazine: Shark researchers take a bite out of Discovery Channel’s fake Shark Week documentary 

Time: Discovery Channel provokes outrage with fake Shark Week documentary 

International Digital Times: Shark Week 2013 fake megalodon documentary breeds confusion, anger

CNN: Scientist slams Discovery’s Shark Week fake documentary 

Christian Science Monitor: More species of sharks, rays to get protection 

BBC (video): Scientists tag Florida sharks to monitor behaviour

BBC Mundo (Spanish): En el Caribe, los tiburones nadan con GPS (in the Caribbean, sharks swim with GPS). Text. Video.

Scientific American: Online Chat on Shark Biodiversity and Conservation

NBC 6 Miami: U of Miami students search for sharks! (Video)

Huffington Post: Venezuela shark finning ban announced as country established sanctuary

io9: Sharks evolved to save the world (video interview)

Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour: Shark Bites (video interview)

National Public Radio’s “The Pat Morrison Show”: Do we care too much about flipper? (radio interview)

Charleston Post and Courier: Apparent shark bite, jellyfish stings mar Isle of Palms, Folly Beach outings

Charlotte Observer: He’s all grown up and he still likes sharks.

Selected scientific writing for the public

Washington Post: 298 Bears killed in Florida hunt that ‘ignored science’

Washington Post: Freshwater sharks rediscovered in Papua New Guinea 

Hakai Magazine: How Shark Week can save its image

Vox: Shark Week is upon us. Here’s why I love and hate it

Scientific American: New Shark Week film shows the rarely seen sharks of Cuba

Gizmodo: 40 years of bad science: how Jaws got everything wrong about sharks

Hakai Magazine: The scientific afterlife of sharks

Daily Beast: Shark Week is lying to you

Earth Touch News: Shark Week’s ‘zombie sharks’ harasses animals 

IO9: Shark week lied to scientists to get them to appear in documentaries

New Scientist: Shark Week, ditch Hitler and fiction posing as fact

Mental Floss: 11 amazing sharks you should get to know better

Slate: What you really see in a wildlife documentary

Slate: No, mermaids do not exist: what Animal Planet’s fake documentaries don’t tell you about the ocean 

Slate: Swimming with sharks: Was Diana Nyad really at risk of being bitten during her historic swim? 

Slate: Stephen Colbert is the best source of science on TV

Slate: Do dolphins ever save humans from sharks? 

Slate: SeaWorld exaggerated its research record

Slate: Sawfish are some of the world’s weirdest and most endangered fish

Slate: Rosie O’Donnell, new co-host of the View, killed an endangered hammerhead shark

Scientific American: Long term sperm: Shark gives birth 4 years after contact with male

Scientific American: Trade in shark fins takes a plunge

Scientific American: Could an animal’s name save it from extinction? 

Scientific American: The surprising beauty and biodiversity of freshwater fauna

Scientific American: predatory fish have declined by two thirds in the 20th century 

Scientific American: Scalloped hammerheads become first shark species on the U.S. Endangered species list

Scientific American: Wildlife at Belize resort pushed by Travolta could have trouble stayin’ alive

Scientific American: Have we saved the sharks? 

Scientific American: Cull Kill Includes Small Tiger Sharks along with Intended Victims

Scientific American: Shark Riders Pose Threat to Conservation Gains Made with Diving Ecotourism

Scientific American: Tiger Shark Shot and Dumped at Sea as Cull Begins in Western Australia

Scientific American: Shark Species Thought to Be Extinct Found in Fish Market 

Sport Diver Magazine “Shark of the Month” series: Great White Shark, Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Horn Shark, Thresher Shark

Wired: The best and worst of Shark Week 2013

Zocalo Public Square: How I learned to live with Shark Week 


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