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IUCN Shark Specialist Group

2013-Present,  Cross-Cutting Committee

Responsibilities include digital communications and media advising.






Society for Conservation Biology 

2013-Present,  social media and outreach committee

Responsibilities include digital communications strategy development.

2011-Present Marine Conservation Education and Outreach Fellowship

Responsibilities include sharing the ocean science presented at the 2011 and 2013 International Congress for Conservation Biology, as well as the 2014 International Marine Conservation Congress, with the interested public via social media (see resulting publication)




ScienceOnline Oceans

2013. Conference organizer

Responsibilities included planning, fundraising for, and running  a conference that brought together nearly 200 marine scientists, educators, journalists and conservationists to talk about how internet tools can aid in marine science outreach.






American Elasmobranch Society

2012-present, Editor

Responsibilities include serving on the Executive Committee of the Society Board of Directors, training members in the use of social media, coordinating communication between leadership and membership, and coordinating the new society website.

2010-2012, Student Affairs Committee Online Outreach Coordinator

Responsibilities included sharing Student Affairs Committee updates with the membership via social media, and training student members in the use of social media.

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RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program

2012-Present, assistant intern coordinator

Responsibilities include assisting the intern coordinator in training undergraduate interns with necessary field and lab skills, as well as professional development training.

2011-Present, trip leader

Responsibilities include running sampling expeditions, coordinating onboard undergraduate interns, transporting and setting up research equipment.


Beneath the Waves Film Festival

2011-present, advisory board

Responsibilities include advising on matters of digital media strategy and recruiting filmmakers. See resulting publication







Marine Biology Graduate Student Association, College of Charleston

2009-2010, Treasurer

Responsibilities included creating a budget, managing funds from merchandise sales, and dispensing student travel funds.

2008-2009First Year Representative

Responsibilities included attending MBGSA meetings, communicating with the first-year class.



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