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I’ve given dozens of public education talks to schools and community groups in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, and Pennsylvania. In 2014, I was awarded the “Marine Science Educator of the Year” award for my efforts, which included speaking to more than 500 students about shark conservation.


I have been a writer for Southern Fried Science (as “WhySharksMatter”), one of the most widely read ocean science blogs on the internet, since 2009. In that time, I’ve published hundreds of posts about marine conservation policy, sharks, and many more topics. Some of my most widely read posts focus on the negative ecological consequences of dolphin-safe tuna, shark finning, climate change, marine biology in the early United States, marine protected areas, citizen science, and figures from scientific papers that look funny out of context.

I also created a series of 5-10 minute YouTube videos called “Shark Science Monday“, in which I interview leaders from the shark science and conservation community. Blog readers are encouraged to ask questions after watching the video (as comments on the blog post), and the interview subjects respond to them.

My twitter account (@WhySharksMatter) has over 22,000 followers from around the world, and I use it to share news about shark science and conservation, as well as to answer questions that my followers have about these subjects

I’ve given public talks to schools, community centers and science museums all over the country.

A recent talk at the John Pennekamp State Park visitors center

A recent talk at the John Pennekamp State Park visitors center




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